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A simple ordering process.

Ordering concrete thru Betongsentrum.no is easy in any language! We offer full support for your concrete project, free of charge, from planning, quality assurance and type of vehicle to use for delivery, true to the end result and the importance of correct treathment after pouring and whilst curing. Following the correct steps is key to a good end result without cracks or “riss”. We make sure you know what to do throughout all of the project phases!

Order concrete to anywhere!

We organize delivery all over Norway with a price that is often cheaper then ordering directly from the producer. We also give you a set price and “cashback” if the delivery goes even better then estimated! Understanding your project and the possibilites and limitations provided is key to an efficient delivery with the correct equipment in the most economical and safe way possible! We are experts on the norwegian concrete market and are standing by to boost your concrete project to the next level, so contact us today for an estimate on concrete delivery to your project!

Easy ordering of concrete to projects all over Norway – use our shortcut OrderConcrete.no!